Forces and Motion

Anticipation Guide

Read the following statements and select T if you think it is true, F for false. After you complete the module, revisit your answers and correct your mistakes.


True False   1. It takes about 260 days to travel to Mars.

True False   2. It would take a jet airliner 1 million years to fly to the nearest star in the night sky.

True False   3. NASA uses ion propulsion for some deep space missions.

True False    4. You have a gravitational pull on the Earth and other objects.

True False   5. On the moon, falling objects accelerate at only 3.8 m/s2.

True False   6. If you move twice as far from the Earth, the pull of gravity is cut in half.

True False   7. The Navy built a gun that could shoot things 180 km high.

True False   8. A rocket must travel extremely fast straight up to go into earth orbit.

True False   9. What goes up must come down.

True False   10. You would have to go over 1 million km/s to escape from the surface of a neutron star.

Redo the Anticipation Guide after completing this chapter. Print this page to compare your answers.

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