Conservation of Momentum & Energy

Conservation of Momentum & Energy

Anticipation Guide

Read the following statements and select T if you think it is true, F for false. After you complete the module, revisit your answers and correct your mistakes.


True False   1. When you jump into a pool the water temperature goes up a little.

True False   2. Energy is the capacity to do work.

True False   3. A ball dropped from twice the height will create a crater in the mud twice as deep.

True False    4. Pilot error was responsible for the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.

True False   5. A roller coaster going 20 m/s has twice the kinetic energy of one going 10 m/s.

True False   6. Centripetal means “moving away from the center”.

True False   7. A person could survive slowing down from 421 mph to zero in 1 second.

True False   8. The world record for a spinning ice skater is 5.1 revolutions per second.

True False   9. When Voyager 2 flew by Jupiter, it sped up while Jupiter slowed down.

True False   10. Radioactivity is the source of energy for Plate Tectonics.

Redo the Anticipation Guide after completing this chapter. Print this page to compare your answers.

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