Fluids: Liquids and Gases

Anticipation Guide

Read the following statements and select T if you think it is true, F for false. After you complete the module, revisit your answers and correct your mistakes.


True False   1. Air is a fluid.

True False   2. Saturn’s moon Titan is known for its lakes and seas of propane.

True False   3. Astronauts train for space in large pools of water on Earth.

True False    4. Part of the reason mountains are high is because they are more dense than the underlying


True False   5. A meniscus is a type of insect that can walk on top of water.

True False   6. Atmospheric pressure on Venus is 92 times that on Earth.

True False   7. A barometer can be used to measure altitude.

True False   8. Water will boil at a higher temperature at a higher altitude because the pressure is less.

True False   9. The pressure inside the International Space Station is about half that at sea-level.

Redo the Anticipation Guide after completing this chapter. Print this page to compare your answers.

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