Modern Physics

Anticipation Guide

Read the following statements and select T if you think it is true, F for false. After you complete the module, revisit your answers and correct your mistakes.


True False   1. Modern Physics is more than 100 years old.

True False   2. Ernest Rutherford showed that all the negative charges in an atom were concentrated in a small region called the nucleus.

True False   3. A star that looks blue is hotter than one that looks red.

True False    4. A quanta is a type of Korean hatchback.

True False   5. Einstein proved that light was a wave with his explanation of the photoelectric effect.

True False   6. Niels Bohr was a physicist and an expert tennis player.

True False   7. Fluorescent lights contain mercury gas.

True False   8. Each element emits a unique set of colors of light when excited.

True False   9. If a flashlight is traveling toward you at half the speed of light, you will measure the light coming toward you to be traveling at 1.5 times the speed of light.

True False   10. Two events happening at the same time can be observed to happen at different times from another observer.

True False   11. Gravity can bend the path of a light beam.

True False   12. Gravity is the strongest of the four fundamental forces.

Redo the Anticipation Guide after completing this chapter. Print this page to compare your answers.

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